Success Stories of our Patients

It is a recovery of more than 90% without operation or steroids. It is a miracle indeed. Thank God for Aegle Wellness Clinic. My heart felt gratitude to Dr. J.D. Alexander Jesudasan.”
- Mr. Sriraman

I went for this therapy as Ayurveda gives time-tested improvement for Facialpalsy patients. I am very happy with my selection of “Aegle Wellness Clinic” as the place of treatment.
- Mr. Privithi

Aegle Wellness Clinic

Ever-growing levels of stress and anxiety can induce conditions which include everything from hypertension and infertility to depression and even ageing, thus reducing the quality of life. At Aegle Wellness Clinic treatment is effectively planned in a way that restores the disturbed mechanism through personalized wellness and healthy living programs to give you a regenerative experience.

About Doctor

Dr. J.D. Alexander Jesudasan


Dr. J.D.Alexander Jesudasan, consultant at Aegle wellness clinic, holds a degree in Indigenous system of medicine from Madurai Kamaraj University. He acquired his basic qualification from Govt.Siddha Medical College, Trinelveli, Sothern Tamilnadu. With a strong educational background in indigenous system of medicine, he has done extensive research in Life style disorders its management and alternative remedies. He started his professional career as a consultant in Indigenous system of Medicine and also specialized with wellness research and Herbal Drug Development.